XXVIIth Brussels International Spine Symposium

We are pleased to announce the 27th edition of the Brussels International Spine Symposium that will take place on 19 & 20 November 2021 at the BluePoint Brussels. 

The topic of the symposium will be The Failed Spine in term of controversies in diagnosis, management and costs. 


The following ESJ workshops will take place Friday and Saturday during the lunch break:
Research Question (ex: too vague, not answered, conclusions already in literature, failure to assess existing literature adequately) 
  Claudio Lamartina (Milan)

Title and Abstract (ex Title not informative enough/doesn't include keywords, abstract doesn't clearly state purpose, question and answer to question) 
  Maryem Ismael (Edinburgh)

Methods and presentation of results (ex: inappropriate statistical tests, too much weight on p values, inclusion/exclusion criteria missing/inadequete, failure to perform sample size analysis before starting, failure to control for bias, loss of patients to follow-up, lack of appropriate follow-up) 
  Pedro Berjano (Milano)


Have a look at the website to check out all the informations and the registration form.