M. W. Al-Sebai, H. Al-Khawashki

February 1999, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 75 - 77 Case report Read Full Article 10.1007/s005860050130

First Online: 17 February 1999

An unusual case of a combination of multiple bilateral spondylolyses (L2, 3 and 4), spondylolisthesis at L3/4, spondyloptosis at L4/5 and sacralization of L5 in a teenage female is described. The patient had severely increasing lower back pain radiating to the left lower limb. Radiography identified the abnormalities and myelography revealed complete obstruction and compression of the thecal sac at the L4/5 level. The case was treated surgically by posterior decompression, corpectomy and fusion in a three-stage operation. The follow-up was extended to 2 years with no complications. No similar case has previously been reported.

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