Harry Hothi, Stewart Tucker, Masood Shafafy, Colin Nnadi, Kenneth M. C. Cheung, Elisabetta Dal Gal, Martina Tognini, Johann Henckel, John Skinner, Alister Hart

October 2020, Volume 29, Issue 10, pp 2409 - 2412 Forum Read Full Article 10.1007/s00586-020-06516-2

First Online: 29 June 2020

Management of patients with magnetically controlled growth rods amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic


At the time of writing, we are all coping with the global COVID-19 pandemic. Amongst other things, this has had a significant impact on postponing virtually all routine clinic visits and elective surgeries. Concurrently, the Magnetic Expansion Control (MAGEC) rod has been issued with a number of field safety notices and UK regulator medical device alerts.


This document serves to provide an overview of the current situation regarding the use of MAGEC rods, primarily in the UK, and the impact that the pandemic has had on the management of patients with these rods.

Results and Conclusion

The care of each patient must of course be determined on an individual basis; however, the experience of the authors is that a short delay in scheduled distractions and clinic visits will not adversely impact patient treatment. The authors caution against a gap in distractions of longer than 6 months and emphasise the importance of continued remote patient monitoring to identify those who may need to be seen more urgently.

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