Seung-Woo Suh, Gang-Un Kim, Hoon-Nyun Lee, Jae Hyuk Yang, Dong-Gune Chang

June 2019, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 68 - 72 Case Report Read Full Article 10.1007/s00586-019-06005-1

First Online: 14 May 2019


To report delayed onset common iliac artery perforation and infected pseudoaneurysm caused by malpositioned pedicle screw after minimally invasive scoliosis surgery (MISS).


A 21-year-old female was referred to our hospital with a 1-week history of abrupt right-sided low back pain, lower abdominal pain, and fever with a history of MISS using cannulated pedicle screws 18 months earlier. Paravertebral arterial erosion with pseudoaneurysm and retroperitoneal and paraspinal abscess were suspected.


We performed resection of the pseudoaneurysm, vascular repair of right common iliac artery by angioplasty with a bovine patch and removal of implant. At 6 months after the last surgery, she had no limitations or problems in her daily activities with no recurrence of low back pain, abdominal pain, or fever as well as without loss of deformity.


Our case showed that misplaced pedicle screws can cause potentially fatal complications, such as infected pseudoaneurysm, even in the late postoperative period.

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