Noritaka Yonezawa, Hideki Murakami, Apiruk Sangsin, Eishiro Mizukoshi, Hiroyuki Tsuchiya

June 2019, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 41 - 50 Case Report Read Full Article 10.1007/s00586-018-5831-6

First Online: 21 November 2018


To report systemic immunological enhancement following preoperative spinal embolization and total en bloc spondylectomy (TES) using tumor-bearing frozen autograft in a patient with spinal metastatic leiomyosarcoma.


A 44-year-old woman with metastatic uterine leiomyosarcoma of the lung and L1 vertebra underwent TES following bilateral three-level preoperative segmental artery embolization. Resected tumor-bearing lamina was frozen using liquid nitrogen and used as tumor-bearing bone graft for spinal reconstruction.


Tumor necrosis and obstructing material used in preoperative embolization were detected in the resected specimen of L1. Five days after TES, chest computed tomography scan demonstrated decreased solitary lung mass size without adjuvant treatment. Lobectomy was performed for the lung metastasis 42 days after TES. Infiltration of CD8+ T lymphocyte into tumor tissue significantly increased in shrunk lung metastasis. On the other hand, slight infiltration in both the resected L1 and primary uterine lesion was observed. Six months after TES, activities of daily living were normal with no evidence of local recurrence or distant metastasis. One year after TES, however, lung CT revealed occurrence of another lung metastasis, and molecular-targeting therapy (pazopanib) was initiated.


There were no reports demonstrating metastasis regression with CD8+ T lymphocyte infiltration after TES. This case demonstrated that preoperative tumor embolization combined with TES using tumor-bearing autograft provided both a local radical cure and systemic antitumor immunological enhancement, although the long-term effect can be limited.

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