Marco Cimatti, Stefano Forcato, Filippo Polli, Massimo Miscusi, Alessandro Frati, Antonino Raco

November 2013, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 925 - 932 Original Article Read Full Article 10.1007/s00586-013-3016-x

First Online: 12 October 2013


To evaluate the outcome of pure percutaneous fixation of unstable single level fractures at the thoraco-lumbar junction (A1 to B2 Magerl/AO Spine).


Neurological intact patients were included in a 2-year prospective study (follow-up 36 months). Two groups were considered: the group in which additional short bilateral screws in the fractured vertebra were placed was called lordorizing screw group (LSG), the other was called non lordorizing screw group (nLSG). Clinical outcome was evaluated using the SF-36, the Oswestry disability index and the recovery time needed to go back work. The following radiological parameters were also evaluated on the follow-up exams: the Mid-Sagittal Index, the Cobb’s angle and the Sagittal Index.


In the LSG, the correction values of MSI, Cobb’s angle and SI were statistically significantly higher than in nLSG.


When feasible we recommend a pure percutaneous short segment pedicle screw fixation adding a lordorizing screw.

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