Qi Ding, Zhen Liu, Xu Sun, Ming-liang Ji, Bin Wang, Yong Qiu

December 2011, Volume 21, Issue 4, pp 467 - 470 Chinese section Read Full Article 10.1007/s00586-011-2095-9

First Online: 01 December 2011


Isolated intraspinal extradural tuberculous granuloma (IETG) without radiological evidence of vertebral involvement is uncommon, especially rare in cervical spine.

Materials and methods

We report a case of cervical IETG without bone involvement in a patient with neurological deficit. The patient suffered from progressive neurological dysfunction. MRI of cervical spine revealed an intraspinal extradural mass, and the spinal cord was edematous because of the compression. Thus C2–C4 laminectomy was performed and extradural mass was excised.


The excised extradural mass was confirmed to be tuberculous granuloma through pathologic examination. Antituberculous drugs were administrated with a regular follow-up. Excellent clinical outcomes were achieved.


The isolated IETG, although a rare entity, should be considered in the differential diagnosis of the intraspinal mass, especially in patients with spinal cord compression and a history of tuberculosis. If there is a progressing neurological deficit, a combination of surgical and anti-tuberculous treatment should be the optimal choice.

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