S. Champain, K. Benchikh, A. Nogier, C. Mazel, J. De. Guise, W. Skalli

June 2005, Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 982 - 991 Original Article Read Full Article 10.1007/s00586-005-0927-1

First Online: 17 June 2005

The objective of this study was to evaluate an X-ray films analysis software, i.e. to estimate the reliability and validity of clinical measurements by means of this software. The authors first performed tests of precision and reproducibility of measures. The precision for dynamic modules was estimated at ±2° for the lumbar analysis and ±3° for the cervical one. Mean reproducibility coefficients calculated for postural modules are about 4° for the angular parameters and 3 mm for the linear ones. We also evaluated clinical applicability of the software through its validity. Reference values calculated on a population of healthy subjects showed agreement with the literature. Then, when analysing postural X-ray films of severe scoliotic patients, we found that inter-observer reproducibility coefficients show a lower reliability of measurements; the main cause seems to be the low visibility of anatomic landmarks due to the quality of X-ray films and to the degree of deformity. This study allowed to better estimate the reliability and the usefulness of this tool, allowing for multicentric studies and exchanges.

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