Mehmet Daneyemez, Kamil Melih Akay, Yusuf Izci

June 2005, Volume 14, Issue 8, pp 799 - 802 Case Report Read Full Article 10.1007/s00586-005-0904-8

First Online: 04 June 2005

There have been only a few cases of desmoplastic fibroma of the spine in the literature and only one of them was purely located on the cervical spine. We report a new patient with the diagnosis of desmoplastic fibroma of the fourth cervical spine. The patient had the complaints of left arm and neck pain. After his radiological evaluation, a mass lesion was found on the left lamina of the fourth cervical spine. Surgical treatment was performed, and the histopathological examination revealed the diagnosis of desmoplastic fibroma. Patients with desmoplastic fibroma of the cervical spine may present with the arm and neck pain mimicking cervical disc disease. Higher index of suspicion by the clinicians must be practiced to make the appropriate diagnosis. Successful surgical outcome may be achieved in these patients.

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